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Process Lines

Bronx Engineering produces a number of processing lines, including:

  • Automotive Steel Recoiling & Inspection Lines
  • Tension Levellers
  • Coating Lines
  • Process Line Upgrades

 Automotive Steel Recoiling and Inspection Lines

Bronx are recognised as a specialist supplier of Automotive Steel Recoiling & Inspection Lines and have supplied lines to many of the leading producers in recent years.

Each line is specified to suit the requirements of the customer and can take many different forms depending on the specific material type and condition.

 Tension Levellers

Bronx Tension Levellers are well known for producing the very best flatness in high quality surface sensitive products.

Materials processed include:

  • Paint and metallic coated steel and aluminium
  • Decorative and construction aluminium alloys
  • Automotive steel for both internal applications and exposed skin panels
  • Architectural and decorative stainless steel
  • Pre and post pickled Hot rolled steel

 Coating Lines

Bronx companies have been manufacturing Colour Coating and Galvanizing Lines since 1970 and have over 45 references worldwide.

We have supplied a range of lines from entry level start/stop lines through to fully continuous high capacity lines for coating both steel and aluminium strip.

 Process Line Upgrades

Bronx have a dedicated team to assist you in improving your existing process lines to meet the ever increasing pressures of changing market conditions.