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Coating Lines

The Bronx group of companies have been manufacturing Colour Coating and Galvanizing Lines since 1970 and have over 60 references worldwide.

Galvanizing Lines: Bronx International, our sister company is a leading supplier of both  Wet Flux  and Non-Oxidising Furnace (NOF) continuous galvanizing lines, all producing a high quality product for appliance and construction applications. Both zinc and zinc / aluminium coating lines are offered.
Bronx  group of companies have been designing and manufacturing galvanizing lines since 1970 and has over 36 references worldwide. The galvanizing experience and expertise gained over this time allows us to offer cost effective process lines from 40,000 tonnes pa. Bronx International manufacture its machinery in Slovakia, through our sister company, Bronx Process Technologies s.r.o.

Colour Coating Lines:  The term: “Colour Coating” is used to describe the application of a decorative and / or protective organic coating to metal supplied in coil form. The type of metals coated include: Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminium and Steel / Aluminium Composites.

Bronx supplies a range of coil coating lines from entry level stop / start lines through to fully continuous high speed conventional coil coating lines. Our warehouse lines: the Modular and Compact are proving to be popular choices for those entering the coil coating market or those wishing to to do short runs or niche colours or patterns.

Bronx offers a choice of gas or Infrared curing ovens. We have extensive references in both curing modes, ensuring our customers can select the most economical curing system with a guaranteed product quality.

To find out more about our coil coating lines contact our sister company – Bronx International, Sydney, Australia and for more information and assistance please follow the link to their website.


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