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Tension Levellers

Bronx Tension Levellers are well known for producing the very best flatness in high quality surface sensitive products.

Materials processed include:

  • Paint and metallic coated steel and aluminium
  • Decorative and construction aluminium alloys
  • Automotive steel for both internal applications and exposed skin panels
  • Architectural and decorative stainless steel
  • Pre and post pickled Hot rolled steel


They can be found in continuous process lines, inspection lines and in dedicated tension levelling lines.


Bronx are at the forefront of technology for tension levelling and our machines include features such as:

  • 6 Hi or 4 Hi work roll cassettes
  • Multi station curvature correction for line bow and crossbow
  • Quick cassette changeover
  • Auto pre-set system
  • On-line flatness measurement

Bronx tension levellers are designed for best quality and long life.

We use tried and tested work roll cassette components of the highest quality together with proven preventative management programmes to ensure each of our users can maintain the highest quality and performance from our machines.

Bridle Drive and Elongation Control Systems

An important part of the tension levelling system is the bridle drive and elongation control system which utilises entry and exit bridles to generate the tension required to achieve the necessary strip elongation through the tension leveller.

Bridle drive system:

  • Independent electric drive

Our team of specialist design engineers will select the optimum drive system for each application.

Research and Development

Bronx continue to research and develop new analytical techniques in tension levelling to improve our knowledge of the tension levelling process.

Recent developments include:

  • Numerical analysis of strip-roll conformity in tension levellers
  • Improved predictive model
  • Pre-set system for operators
  • Flexible 2 axis work roll settings
  • Allowance for speed effect
  • Allowance for possible change in mechanical properties
  • Minimum energy settings

Please contact our sales team for more information and for copies of published papers.

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